Personal Details

Alan Cameron

04 476 6532; 027 697 3854

My chronic migraine headaches at age of 47 threatened continuation of my academic career. So effective was Feldenkrais® in restoring my health that after more than ten years as a Feldenkrais® practitioner I have been able to return to my academic work while continuing my Feldenkrais® practise. This method of somatic education has made me stronger, more flexible and able to enjoy pursuing all of my work and leisure activities. I particularly like to help people who are struggling to walk, garden or do any daily activity as they age. I've enabled people to improve who are suffering in the workplace, office or worksite as well those engaged in musical, sport or other performance and leisure activities. I am not offering classes at present. For individual sessions contact me on 027 697 3854. Qualifications : LLB (Hons), LLM (Hons), NZ Feldenkrais Professional Training Programe (NZFTP 3, 2010 Wellington), 16 Advanced Feldenkrais Guild Trainings (2011 - 2020).

Individual Session Details

80 Duthie St, Karori, Wellington 6012, New Zealand
Individual sessions in my home studio. By appointment only.