Artistic and Sports Performance

Feldenkrais is about fine tuning and taking care of your intelligent body, your “irreplaceable instrument”.

How many musicians and athletes spend years mastering their practice, only to find themselves compromised from over use and injury? How can you observe yourself in the finest detail in terms of balance, strength, coordination, breath and timing so that your body can reorganise itself enabling you to spontaneously bring your best to your performance?

Feldenkrais takes a long term perspective of your bodily health. An internal authority begins to emerge - Feldenkrais lessons are designed so that you learn to listen to yourself.

It is useful for technical mastery for performance, for warm-ups, for creating good organisation so that movement is enhanced and incidence of injury is lessened, and for finding long term health in your organisation and for creative thinking.

We can discover very precisely the unconscious interference that underlies control (for example, the inability to master a technical aspect after many hours of practice and repetition). Through the process of engaging attention in this way, the body has the capacity to reorganise automatically.

More effort is used by the brain, and less by the body.

Feldenkrais practitioners work with:

  • Actors

  • Artists

  • Athletes

  • Dancers and acrobats

  • Golfers

  • Gymnasts

  • Football players

  • Martial artists

  • Musicians including flutists, string players, singers and woodwind players

  • Runners

  • Students, amateur, professional and retired performers

  • Swimmers