Dynamic posture and core ability

Confident, poised, grounded...  These are some feelings associated with “good posture”.   The natural uprightness, mobility and energy of a young child illustrates the good posture that is your birthright.

Maybe you work on a computer all day, or just feel you are slumping, and “correcting” yourself feels difficult.

Feldenkrais helps you to easily sit or stand upright, while being free to move in any direction, at any time.   Much as you did naturally and organically as a baby, you can learn to better negotiate your relationship with gravity.

Develop your core (st)ability by using movement and attention to free yourself from unnecessary work in the more superficial “voluntary action” muscles.  Then the bones, and the deeper, stabilising muscles can effectively support you in gravity. 

Feldenkrais lessons thus enable a feeling of lightness and ease in all activities.

Feldenkrais practitioners commonly help with                

  • Sitting comfortably (eg computer work)
  • Scoliosis
  • General mobility
  • Pelvic floor
  • Balance and Strength
  • Improve ability to do yoga or martial arts
  • Pregnancy and post childbirth recovery
  • Breathing