This is a temporary page during website construction to keep track of to-do's

Conrad's to do list:
  • Add links from 'Join our library'
  • Once profiles done, replace links to office holders in the About the F Guild page, and banner holders in the Marketing Resources page
  • Merge or link the public and private events pages
David's to do list

Hi Thomas,

Member Profiles

Here is some feedback from playing around with entering Members from different categories and seeing what happened.

  • The big one is that we left out probably the most important part of our Member Categories table: we left out assigning who gets to appear on the Practitioner and Classes maps. I have updated the table (attached).
    Simply, the only people who should appear on the website’s maps or have a bio/website/photo etc… are CFPs, FPs and ATM teachers. (see attached table)
  • Under Member Categories, there are “Public” and “Associate”, which are the same. Please delete “Public”.
  • Also under Member Categories, please replace “CFP/FP” with “Practitioners (CFP&FP)”
  • Within the profile page, the Add a Class and Add an Individual Session buttons aren’t working.
  • Can you make it so I don’t need to enter member’s phone numbers when entering their initial details.
    • PS what is the default password please? 12345678?

Membership area content

  • When I click on the links on the left hand column (e.g. Marketing Kit), the link sends me down a point after the Marketing Kit heading. I think this has to do with the sticky top menu.
  • Adding links to downloadable content (PDFs etc…). I find the list solution for this time consuming and visually not clear (not wysiwyg). Also, the result is all over the place: see the NZFG Logo list under Marketing Kit in the members section (or even the Newsletters page). Is there another way within Rich Text editor?

Sticky top menu

  • When we first spoke about this, you showed me an option whereby the menu would shrink (go to a narrower aspect ratio) as you scrolled down. Is this still possible?

Library check out:

I changed the email address so that I would receive checkout requests.

When receiving a request, it would be useful to receive the Author’s name and the Member’s email address.


  • Can we decrease the font please and make the frame width for the text a little wider.

Other stuff:

I want to be able to show a video on the homepage where the tile (photo) link to Events is. How do I do this please?